Dispensing Solutions

For Beer and Beverage

EAC (Japan) is truly committed to draft beer and fountain beverage.  We are market leaders in our field and represent top of the line manufacturers for a full range of dispensing equipment.   

As part of a Danish group of companies we belong to an international network and yet have a strong local presence in Japan, where we have been incorporated since 1947.   

EAC (Japan) is a supplier to all top 5 breweries in Japan and have for each of these breweries undertaken tailor-made product developments helping the breweries in maintaining high quality and serving fresh and unique taste experiences to its customers. 

The East Asiatic Company (Japan) Ltd.


TEL: 03-6695-7133

FAX: 03-6695-1165

Email: info3@eacjapan.co.jp

The East Asiatic Company (Japan) Ltd.

Toranomon #2 Wai-ko Bldg. 5-2-6 Toranomon

Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001